When ordering, the prices stated on the site apply. Prices are in Swedish kronor and include 25% VAT.

Delivery & delivery time

The ordered product or service will be delivered immediately after payment.

Terms for continuous subscription

By pressing buy, activate premium and carry out the payment process, you agree at the same time that BT will charge the agreed amount which is intended regularly for the chosen subscription. The selected subscription is automatically renewed until you unsubscribe from “My Account”.

Termination and binding

You can cancel your current subscription at any time, but for technical reasons you cannot cancel your subscription for the first 24 hours. Once the subscription is terminated, payment will no longer be required until you re-activate your subscription. Termination of subscription only applies to future payments. When a subscription ends, you can still use the time you have already purchased. Already completed and used subscriptions will not be refunded. We renew subscriptions 2 hours before they expire, so termination of subscription must be done no later than 2 hours before it expires, otherwise it will be renewed automatically.

Cardholder’s payment liability

Your purchase of subscription is binding from the time you log in to your profile after the purchase. The cardholder is obliged to pay the full amount for the selected period and for continued subscription, unless subscription has been terminated in accordance with the above rules for termination.

Procedure for increasing subscription fee

Due to technical reasons all current subscriptions will be renewed 2 hours before it expires. If you take part of our introductory offer, we will increase the payment for a full subscription 2 hours before the termination if you do not opt out of the merit package at least 2 hours before the introduction offer expires.

Procedure for renewing or removing card numbers

If your card is closed, we consider it a cancellation. This means that you will be able to use your remaining paid subscription time, and then you can use another card to renew your subscription if desired.


According to the consumer agreement, a 14-day cancellation right is granted on your purchase – but only if your subscription has not been used. If you want to use this right, you must log out of your profile immediately after the purchase and not use your subscription. Then you should contact customer service. If you use your subscription, you cannot withdraw your purchase, but you can always unsubscribe so that you do not have to pay for a continued subscription period.

Data Security

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a security protocol for the secure transmission of data over the internet (or other networks). The SSL protocol creates an encrypted channel between sender and recipient. The encryption ensures that no one can manipulate data (Message Integrity). The SSL protocol uses digital certificates to check the transmitter and / or recipient of the data transfer (Server Authentication) If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please contact us at customer service under “Contact us”.